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Latest News

January 20th, 2014

REO celebrates 90 years

With innovation and experience for the future

What has begun in 1925 by Boris Freiherr von Wolff as a small Berlin-based company which manufactured ...more

December 18th, 2014

New REO-USA EtherNet-IP vibratory feeder Controller and Line Reactor can cut downtime, boost power quality

Two new products announced by REO-USA today allow vibratory feeder users to easily integrate office and lab areas with production operations, enable remote feeder system monitoring and adjustments from a single control center

October 21st, 2014

Sinusfilter Plus++ has been chosen as a finalist for the Control Engineering 2015 Engineers' Choice

Our Sinusfilter Plus++ is a finalist for Control Engineering 2015 Engineers' Choice Awards in the Network Integration - Signal Conditioning Diagnostic category. ...more

REO-USA - Our product ranges

Inductive Electronics Resistive
Inductive Components Line Reactors Line Filters dv/dt Filters Currenttransformers

Chokes/Inductors/Reactors, EMC components, Current transformers, Medical transformers, AC-electro components

Electronic Components Vibratory Controllers

Analog and digital control devices, Power supplies for industry, Soft starters and Thyristor power controllers.

Resistive Components Braking Resistors

Braking , Loading and Attenuating resistors

Featured Product ...

Line reactor with surge protection - CNW 9022...

Current spikes can be a common problem in the feeder industry, causing issues such as nuisance tripping, errors and premature equipment failure. To mitigate these disturbances, REO-USA has developed the CNW 9022 range of line reactors.

Click at the image below to find more information.

Line reactor with surge protection CNW 9022