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September 17th, 2015

Introducing remote CP monitoring and adjustment from REO-USA: REOTRON SMP power supplies

One person, one location, and one REO-USA REOTRON SMP-CP series DC power supplies unit for use with cathodic protection devices. That's all it takes to monitor corrosion prevention along an entire pipeline

July 8th, 2015

REO-USA introduces a new generation of 5-limb chokes

REO-USA has introduced its new generation of CNW 910 and CNW MC 835 series of 5-limb chokes, offered with or without water-cooling the devices can be either used as three-phase network chokes or motor chokes, and ...more

June 12th, 2015

VFD trends and solutions for drive systems

REO USA featured in Plant Engineering Trade Magazine.
VFD trends and solutions for Drive Systems: Harmonics mitigation, filtering voltage spikes are two key issues.

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Inductive Components Line Reactors Line Filters dv/dt Filters Currenttransformers

Chokes/Inductors/Reactors, EMC components, Current transformers, Medical transformers, AC-electro components

Electronic Components Vibratory Controllers

Analog and digital control devices, Power supplies for industry, Soft starters and Thyristor power controllers.

Resistive Components Braking Resistors

Braking , Loading and Attenuating resistors

Featured Product ...

Load reactor CNW MD 835 - Space-saving 5-limb-reactor with liquid cooling...

A load reactor allows the use longer motor cables, protects the motor and its insulation, reduces commutation effects and is indispensable for improving the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the entire system.

REO liquid-cooled load reactor series 835 CNW solve these problems in an exceptional way, in addition they are spacesaving, the production and material costs are lower and thus more cost effective and they are considerably lighter than a solution with, for example, three separate single-chokes.

Click at the image below to find more information.

Line reactor with surge protection CNW 9022