New! Line reactor with surge protection - CNW 9022

INDIANAPOLIS - November 19, 2014

Current spikes can be a common problem in the feeder industry, causing issues such as nuisance tripping, errors and premature equipment failure. To mitigate these disturbances, REO-USA has developed the CNW 9022 range of line reactors.

output components drives

This filter has been specifically developed for use with vibratory feeder controllers to reduce stress on internal components and the power supply feeding the controller. This is accomplished by smoothing current peaks in the mains supply. The example below illustrates peak current with and without a filter installed.

output components drives

The CNW 9022 is designed to accommodate minimal spatial requirements, includes integrated surge protection and is available in several construction styles (IP 00, 20, 54, etc.). For more information you can download the datasheet REO CNW 9022 Line reactor with surge protection as PDF or contact a member of the sales team at REO-USA.


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