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The company REO was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1925 named as 'REO BORIS VON WOLFF' - it grew within just a few years into a global player and is today a major manufacturer of electronic and inductive components. In 1977 - REO expanded internationally and the first foreign subsidiary was opened in Paris, France with additional subsidiaries in Switzerland and England following soon after. Today REO has 14 subsidiaries, of which 10 are outside of Germany.

REO-USA was founded in 2000 and offers technologies and solutions in the field of railway and drive engineering, renewable energies and automation, all perfectly tailored to the requirements of the US market.

The completion of USA's production facility in 2010, allows us to manufacture products for the US market. This ensures that we can quickly and effectively respond to customer requirements.

REO USA is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

SRI certified
REO-USA Building

REO-USA, Inc. Location Indianapolis, IN

US High Speed Rail Association NACE Corporate Member APTA Americal Public Transport Association