REO Shanghai Inductive Components Co., Ltd

No. 536 ShangFeng Road · Pudong, 201201 Shanghai · China
Tel.: +86 (0)21 5858 0686 · Fax: +86 (0)21 5858 0289
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Since 2003 REO has also been represented in China, and produced according to German standards. The branch has 2011 ISO 9001: 2008 certified and has a production area of 1577m².

The site specializes in the production of railway components and works in close collaboration with the Center of Competence in Berlin.
The REO-quality requirements are due to the 1: 1 manufacturing fulfilled. In the production are the same

  • Winding machines
  • Casting technologies
  • Power Supplies
  • and roller conveyors

  • are used as in Germany.


The following products are manufactured in China:

Components for railway technology (reactors, filters, transformers)
Components in and around the drive, such as Braking resistors, line filters, chokes, etc. for use in drive technology and in renewable energy
Products in the field of Power Quality