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SPS 2020 Goes All-Virtual

Join one of our REO Experts at SPS Connect, the virtual platform of the SPS exhibition.

Running from 11.16.2020 – 12.04.2020

Use Rebate Code: SPS2XCNREO for 50% off admission

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Transformers, filters, chokes and current transformers providing safety and “Made in Germany” quality for medical technology




Solingen, 28 April 2020 – REO AG's products are a key component of medical technology internationally. Whether you are looking at heart-lung machines, ventilators, CT scanning or ECG facilities, modern examination and operating methods would not be possible without the use of electricity. REO's medical technology products play a key role when it comes to transforming and controlling electricity and protecting equipment and patients.


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REO-USA Debuts FDA Approved Electromagnet for use in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries


You know REO as the expert of Vibratory Feeding controllers, did you also know we make Electro magnets? In addition to our standard product range from 5 VA to 4000 VA, we also offer customer-specific and special solutions.

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REO-USA Continues to Advance Vibratory Bowl Industry


REO-USA Inc. known as the market leader for vibratory bowl controllers demonstrates it belongs at the top with the development of the REOVIB 2.0 series of vibratory controllers.

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Offensive in PR



Offensive in public relations work

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