PowerElectronics Solutions

PowerElectronics Solutions

Many areas of modern industry have huge energy requirements, which must be monitored and regulated. For example, heating systems in coating plants, industrial furnaces, the melting of silicon crystals or lifting magnets for scrap recycling – high-efficiency power supplies are required everywhere.

REO strives for the efficient conversion of energy - in both the inductive and electronic sectors - and guarantees the highest quality and reliability in power supplies with the REOTRON range.

Whether single and three-phase power controller or complete power supplies with transformer, harmonics filter and power factor correction – REO-USA offers system solutions for the power supply and control element. 


    Thyristor firing & control unit: Cabinet mounting version (IP 20)

    • Input voltage: 3 x 400 V +6 % - 10%
    • Output voltage: 3x0...3xUe V
    • Input voltage switchable: Eingangsspannung umschaltbar [V] V

    The firing & control units MDZ have been designed for the control of current converter installations, e.g. in electroplating plants. They contain one controller each for current and vol-tage control. In the voltage control mode, the output voltage is kept constant at a predefined setpoint value by the internal control circuit. Therefore, changes in the load or in the mains supply have no effect on the output voltage.

    When operated in the current control mode, the output current is compared with the setpoint, and corrected accordingly. Hereby, the output voltage can increase to its maximum value. If the preset limits (Imax or Vmax) are exceeded, this is signaled by LEDs.

    If both control modes are used together, the controller with the lower setpoint always has priority. For example, with voltage control and subordinated current control, this means that the voltage controller is in command as long as the permissible current value is not exceeded. As soon as the current limit is reached, the current controller takes over. If the unit is to be operated purely as a voltage or current controller, the respective other setpoint must be set to the 10 VDC reference value.

    Intended for installation in a control cabinet, the unit is mounted in a compact aluminum housing. All electrical connections are made via plug-in screw terminals. The controls for adjusting the operating parameters are accessible on the front panel.

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