REO-USA Debuts FDA Approved Electromagnet for use in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

You know REO as the expert of Vibratory Feeding controllers, did you also know we make Electromagnets? In addition to our standard product range from 5 VA to 4000 VA, we also offer customer-specific and special solutions.

WI 721One new solution introduced at our global sales meeting was designed to stand up to the rigorous requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.   The WI 721 reaches the highest level of corrosion protection through powder coating. This new method completely coats the core, it can be used in high humidity applications as well as wash down and direct water jet applications.

This magnet is also the first of our series to obtain FDA approval specifically DA CFR 21, subsection 175.300, and section 175 and subsection 177.1550.

When used with the MFS 268 Frequency controller and accelerometer your feeder runs more efficiently and decreases consumption current by much as 67%.

For further details as well as the complete range of power please visit our website.

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