Offensive in PR

REO AG launches contemporary public relations offensive with a breath of fresh air


REO AG, headquartered in Solingen, Germany, has repositioned its communications internationally. With a modern and contemporary target group approach, the company is setting important impulses. - Strategy change in communication with regard to modern customer approach - Corporate communication and communication policy respond to changed framework conditions - Storytelling elements for internal as well as external target groups

At home in Solingen and around the world for more than 90 years and always keeping an eye on the future - REO AG has redefined the focus of its own presentation. The company is moving away from trade fairs, classic customer approaches or conventional recruiting procedures and towards an online and press-oriented positioning. "We are thus setting the right course to address the new generation of employees of our customers and potential customers in a targeted manner. Only in this way can we achieve a strong, international presence and remain competitive," says Philip Twellsieck, CEO of REO AG.

The new corporate communication comprises the entirety of all communication instruments with which REO AG presents its services to the relevant internal and external communication target groups. "An essential element of this is the use of storytelling elements in corporate communications. Here, the sober factual information is replaced by an emotional level of information," explains Ruben Altmeier, Head of Marketing at REO AG. Consequently, the company's innovations and developments are not presented in conventional texts, but are associated with a story and upgraded. It becomes clear that there is more than just a message behind the developments and that it is "real" people who find exciting solutions through their characteristics.

The change in strategy helps REO AG to react to increasing competitive pressure and in the face of more professional communication from its competitors and to set impulses in the process. Ruben Altmeier adds: "We have been observing a social change for quite some time, with values such as environmental awareness and responsibility for production processes and materials rising sharply.

REO AG is rethinking the traditional division into B2B and B2C. The technological progress of the communication channels makes it possible to always speak humanly, openly and at eye level with the public, the employees, the competition and future talents.

The product group of brake resistors will initially be implemented with the new concept, both internationally and nationally. Along with the changed target group approach and the new communication channels, REO AG is also increasingly relying on moving images and high-class photos. In the coming months, films and photos on a wide variety of specialist topics will be published. The campaigns will be accompanied by regular press releases.





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