REO-USA Continues to Advance Vibratory Bowl Industry

REO-USA Inc. known as the market leader for vibratory bowl controllers demonstrates it belongs at the top with the development of the REOVIB 2.0 series of vibratory controllers.

Senior members of REO USA were on hand at the headquarters of REO AG, Solingen Germany, in July to witness the roll out of the new developments the R&D team have been creating over the last 2 years.  The result is the release of 3 new controllers. The MFS 368 featuring exciting new benefits: PFC Power Factor Correction, LCD display with full text menu and exchangeable fieldbus interfaces.

The MTS 620, allowing for mains voltage compensation, thermal contact input for magnet protection and Exchangeable fieldbus interfaces and the Smart MIC, a cost effective controller with LED Display and Mains voltage compensation.   

Roll out of these new controllers will be Q1 2020.

Production capacity increase of 25% for Controllers

During the successful International sales conference which brought REO Global subsidiaries together, Vice President Barbara Miller says she witnessed the production improvements first hand.  “We saw all of the hard work and investments REO has made to improve production and increase capacity of vibratory controller output by 25%. A redesign of assembly stations, complete digitalization through the entire manufacturing process from the ordering of raw materials until the controllers are shipped has helped efficiency dramatically. The investments have been made, now we get to see the benefits of these years of work and it’s an exciting time for us”.

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