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IP 00, for DIN rail mounting


Unique Selling Point

  • Track control for PNP, NPN or Namur sensors
  • Invertible sensor input
  • Track status indication with relay contacts or 12 VDC
  • Snap-on mounting for 35 mm DIN rail
  • On / Off switching time delays


The REOVIB 513 track control module is used for regulating the storage of products on a track. It can be used with nearly all conventional proximity, (active) photoelectric, and Namur type sensors.
A selector switch in the front panel permits adaptation to the sensor characteristics (PNP/NPN output). Trimmers in the front panel provide adjustment of the On/Off switching delays within a range of 0.5....15 secs. The sensor state (damped or undamped) and also the enable input state (On/Off) state both have LED indicators. In addition a relay with changeover contacts, brought out to terminals, switches at the same time as the enable output.
Fixings are provided for DIN rail mounting according to EN 50022-35.

The equipment is available in IP 20 with 2 variations (Input voltage: 115V or 230 V):
- used with systems that have track control.

Typical applications

  • Conveyor & assembly automation
  • Conveyor technology
  • Filling & packaging technology

Technical Data

  • Input voltage : 110 V, 230 V

Mains input

110 V                                  230 V


51312                                 51310

Mains frequency

50 / 60 Hz +/- 3 Hz

Sensor supply:

24 VDC

Sensor Current:

100 mA

Sensor type:

PNP, NPN or Namur (selectable and invertible)

On/Off switching delay:

0,5...15 sec

Relay contact

2 A / 250 V

Status output:

12 VDC, operation

Operating temperature

0...45 °C

Protection class 


Your contact: +1 (317) 899-1395 •


IP 00, for DIN rail mounting

Dimension drawing 

REOVIB 513 drawing