REOVIB Combination Units

Combination Units

System of frequency controllers and thyristor controllers mounted on a back plate

For operating a bowl feeder, a linear feeder or/and a hopper. The frequency controller is used for controlling the bowl feeder, the thyristor controller is controlling the linear feeder or/and the hopper.

  • REOVIB Combination units

    MFS 268 frequency controllers and MTS thyristor controllers mounted on a back plate

    REOVIB Combination units
    • Output voltage: 0 - 100 / 0 - 205 V
    • Input voltage auto detect: 110 / 230 V

    The COMBI unit is a system including frequency controllers for operating a bowl feeder and (1) or (2) thyristor controllers for operating a hopper or / and inline feeder mounted on a back plate.

    The frequency controller for the bowl feeder generates an output frequency to drive the feeder at resonance so mechanical tuning of the springs is not required. The feeder will also run quieter because of the sinusoidal output signal.