Complete solutions

REO is happy to offer you a complete solution to your problem. Our specialists come to you and make the appropriate measurements. The engineers and technicians from REO with all their experience in planning and implementing solutions are at your disposal after the measured data is evaluated. This gives you the certainty that with REO you have a reliable partner from start to finish at your side who can solve your problem.


Drive technology - REOUnity as a principle for full compatibility 

The pursuit of a system concept has always been in the REO philosophy - providing customers with complete solutions and enabling perfect function along with optimally matched components. REOunity stands for inductive and resistive components relating to the inverter in drive technology. You can purchase our mains chokes, harmonic filters, braking resistors or motor chokes individually or as a complete solution.



Railway technology


A classic example of a complete solution:
on request, a DC filter choke was built as a turnkey
unit with cooling air duct, mounting and connections


Using collaboration between REO departments

Thanks to our experience in different fields of electrical engineering, we are able to take advantage of collaborations within departments.
The REO braking resistor BWD 330 with chopper (40 kW) can be cited as an example of the excellent collaboration between the electronics and the inductive departments.  


The powerful REO braking resistor ensures that excess energy is converted reliably into useful heat when using the electric brakes (e.g. when driving downhill) .Thanks to the integrated water cooling, a space saving of up to 88% is achieved compared to a comparable air-cooled series.