Research project


REO supports and encourages innovative ideas and solutions with a future-oriented perspective. In cooperation with the research project of the Technical University of Dresden REO developed a braking resistor with chopper for an electrically powered tractor.

The Rigitrac EWD 120 is a project of the Technical University of Dresden, the department of Agricultural Systems Technology and EAAT GmbH Chemnitz. The project was founded by the European Union and the State of Saxony.


Example: Research Project with TU 

The Rigitrac EWD120 consists of a modular vehicle concept with electrical single wheel drives, a hydro pneumatic suspension and four-wheel steering and an electrical interface to supply implements with electrical power in mobile operations. The Rigitrac EWD 120 has four electric single wheel drives with a power of 33 kW per motor. Each wheel is driven with an integrated wheel drive. This allows the individual control of each wheel.


A powerful braking resistor REO BWD 330 with chopper (40 kW) provides the electric brakes (for example, when driving downhill) for a reliable conversion of excess energy into useful heat. The integrated water cooling allows a space saving of up to 88% on a comparable air-cooled series. 


This type of drive offers new possibilities for the suspension and the slope compensation especially for the field of commercial vehicles with a low center of gravity and a high power demand .

The innovative idea was awarded by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) at the Agritechnica with a silver medal.